What To Expect While Wearing Dental Braces

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Now that you have decided to get dental brace on your teeth, you are now officially beginning your path towards a healthier and beautiful smile! You will be adjusting yourself in wearing braces in the first few days after you have your braces on. LE Dental Imus Cavite listed below some of the facts that you will be expecting after having braces.


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1. You feel unusual pressure on your teeth.

Due to the addition of brackets on your teeth, you will feel weird after having something taking up the space inside your mouth but it is bearable. You will have to stick to soft foods for the first two days since it will be difficult to chew. During the second and third days of wearing braces, you will be having your greatest adjustment and you might experience soreness. Over the counter pain-reliever can be used when this occurs. Within 48 hours, the initial discomfort should go away. Your teeth are not the only ones adjusting to having new appliances in your mouth – your cheeks and tongue are, too. As you get used to your new braces, brief sore spots may develop inside your mouth but they will adjust to the braces with time.

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2. You have to watch what you eat.

You have to chew a small amount of food, slowly and carefully. You may have difficulty in biting and sometimes you may bite your inner cheeks. LE Dental Imus Cavite recommends you to not take large servings of food and instead develop soft “food diet” or fill up on protein-rich foods so you can go several hours between meals. When in doubt, it is best to ask LE Dental Imus Cavite. Other than these, you are free to enjoy the same diet that you always have!


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3. You have to change your oral hygiene.

After eating a meal, you have to clean your teeth and gums right away. You have to be particular with your cleaning efforts while you braces are in place since braces tend to trap food in between the brackets. LE Dental Imus Cavite recommends you to prepare a kit with a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. You may also use lip balm for dry lips.


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4. You have to visit your dentist periodically.

You will visit your dentist periodically every 4 to 6 weeks. The process of adjust your braces is taking off the old little rubber bands, then may also take off the wire. You will feel discomfort for the first 4 days to a week. Your lips and cheeks may need one to two weeks to get used to the braces on your teeth.  LE Dental Imus Cavite recommends you to revert to your “soft food” diet during these times.


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5. You will have a great smile.

After getting your braces off, you will see changes on your gums as it will be easier to clean and it will gives illusion of the crowns of the teeth getting bigger. Your teeth will start to change after the braces are taken off but will almost improve the position and the bite of your teeth.


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