Crime #2 – Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard

Posted by LE Dental Clinic Cavite Accredited  From kindergarten to television commercial we heard this song about cleaning our teeth 3 times a day and so we did as we are told. Tooth brushing is a form of hygiene, in which a person cleans their teeth with a toothbrush. But are we doing it the right way? Well you are in […]

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Crime #1 – The Right Way To Floss

Posted by LE Dental Clinic Cavite Accredited  Most people commit this crime of snapping their dental floss into their gums, but here in LE Dental Clinic Imus Cavite Accredited by healthcards  we take good care of you and your dental health  that is why we want to guide you on how to avoid this crime. Always […]

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