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All of us had morning routines. Have you tried waking up early in morning, stretching the kinks after you sleep, you walked in your lavatory and greet yourself in the mirror and as you say, “Hello beautiful!,” you showed wide in the mirror your crowded teeth. When that thing happened you can only wish you can straighten those crooked and crowded teeth of yours.

Or have you experience this? Waking early in the morning and felt the pain of your teeth at night as it crowded over your mouth? To some people having crowded teeth is just nothing to think about. But when you need to do something about your teeth now. Then this article is for you.

This article was made by an inspiration. To help those people who want to have braces but cannot afford to. Having dental braces to some is a very expensive investment to yourself. Though actually there are ways where you can afford to have it. I will show you how.


Ways You Can Avail Your Dental Braces

1. Your Health Card Dental Benefits

Dentist are accredited by some health cards that can cater your dental benefits. Ask your dentist about what dental benefits you can have now. Also inquire if how your health cards can help you improve your dental health and if braces are included in the services.

2. Ask For Instalment Payment For Your Braces

Today dentist have flexible instalment payment. Where you can have your down payment and have consecutive payments after your next visit. In that way it would not be hard enough on your part to have this arrangement.

In some cases you can talk to your dentist to have a 5k down payment braces in Cavite if you are located here. In that agreement you and your dentist can have some pre arrangement plan about your braces.

It’s not impossible to have your braces and improved your smile. Yes you deserved that. Having braces can increase your self confidence too! So that when you wake up in the morning, you can show the world how beautiful your smile is!


Dentist Imus Cavite Affordable Dental Braces

LE Dental Clinic Cavite is a dental clinic in Imus and one of the best dentist in Cavite. It is a dental clinic along Buhay na Tubig. We are happy to serve our customers and help them have a beautiful smile by providing them health partners in Imus.

We offer services like preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry and also offer cheap dentures in Imus Cavite. For this reasons we are also  a:

  • Dental clinic in Cavite accepting credit card
  • HMI accredited dental clinic in Imus
  • Accredited dental Imus Philcare
  • Accredited Intelicare in Imus Cavite
  • Maxicare dental provider
  • Intellicare accredited dentist
  • HMI accredited dentist in Bacoor and Imus
  • Accredited Asian life Bacoor area
  • Fortune care accredited dentist
  • Medocare in Imus
  • Dental clinic in Imus accepting ValuCare
  • For more health cards


For your convenience contact as first before you visit call or text us on:

  • +63 928 5517261
  • +63 920 9483515
  • +63 932 8536153
  • 046-5432562 (landline)



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