Crime #4 – Crunching, Sucking, and Sipping Can Damage Your Tooth

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When you slurp down an ice-cold soda or tea and then crunch, crunch, crunch the leftover ice. Or crunch, crunch, crunch those popcorn kernels, keep the pits of fruits such as apricots, peaches and plum on your mouth, suck it then crunch on…


Sip your sugary soda throughout the day…

Suck your lemons…

Are you wrecking your teeth without even knowing it?


3 Things That Are Harmful To Your Tooth

1. Crushed ice

Crushed ice is less harmful than bigger cubes, but it still doesn’t get the blessing of most dentists.

The brittleness, hardness and cold temperature of ice cubes can actually cause serious damage to your teeth.  This may cause microscopic cracks in the surface of the enamel, which could lead to bigger dental problems over time.  The effects of others may add up over time, harming your dental health in the long run

Our teeth are designed to crush through things, not against something, even though crunching ice with your teeth may be easy, it isn’t still designed to crush for ice.

Remember, that your blender needs special blades to crushed ice.



2. Lemon

Lay Off the Lemons

People who suck lemons may be putting their dental health in jeopardy.

Lemons are very acidic; the acidity corrodes the enamel of the teeth.  Repeated exposure to acidic substances can cause tooth enamel to erode, creating a rough texture on the surface of your teeth.



3. Soda

No to Soda

A soda on hand every day?  Carbonated drinks can be bad for your teeth, because they tend to be very acidic.  The acidity of the soda may corrode your enamel (the outer layer of the teeth).  The effects of soda on teeth are even worse if you slowly sip it over a long period of time. Bathing your teeth with acidic foods or beverages can lead to enamel corrosion and dental problems such as decay may arise.

Remember that constant exposure to sweet and acidic beverages can foster tooth decay.



Put all these bad habits to rest — for your teeth’s sake.


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