By Dentist Imus Cavite

“Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles.” – George Elliot

Smiling has been a way for people to express happiness.  A mother feels happy when she heard a wonderful story from her son. We are also happy when our dreams come true in our life. Even when we saw our friend walking on the street that makes us happy and smiles automatically. The more you smile the healthier you go. Yes, smiling makes people healthy. Smiling has emotional and physical benefits. So let go of that frown and smile brightly.


5 Excellent Reasons to Smile

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Lowers blood pressure

Studies have shown that smiling lowers blood pressure. When you are angry with your daughter for doodling the newly painted wall, don’t be angry. When you are angry you get high blood for our heart beats fast when a person gets angry. Calm down and smile, talk to your daughter. Not only did you lower your blood pressure but you also avoided making an innocent girl cry.


 Cures a cold

Smiling sometimes cures a person with a cold. As scientist have figured out, when a sick person smiles the antibodies and white blood cells in your body produces more which boosts up your immune system. So even with a cold and feverish body, take your vitamins and smile your way to wellness.


Help you live longer

Your lifespan increases when you smile. According to the analysis conducted at the University of Illinois, people who are happier  and therefore smile more added almost a decade to their lifespan. That will add now an extra ten years for not frowning so always smile! Many watches sad movies and television marathons which either makes them frown or moody that is so not good. We at Dentist Imus Cavite advice you to better watch some funny movies which makes you smile or laugh.


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Relive stress

Endorphins and serotonin are released when you smile. Endorphins are feel-good hormones and serotonins are natural stress-reducers which come out whenever you smile and laugh at your picture as a kid or talks with humoristic friends. Read funny magazines or you can easily search on YOUTUBE some funny and crazy antics and you’ll find yourself smiling.


Create good relationship

Grinning creates healthier relationships. Researchers determined that people who smirks and grins consistently have healthier marriages. Dentist Imus Cavite recommends you to do whenever you are stuck in the middle of the long traffic, to grin and calm your raging partner. You can achieve more good to be calm in this situation.

Smiling doesn’t cost a penny, smiling doesn’t require any qualities. And smiling is pretty accessible twenty-four-seven. Dentist Imus Cavite believed that no one even minds you if you smile in public. Just remember Les Giblin’s quote, “If you’re not using your smile, you’re like a man with a million dollars in the bank and no checkbook.”]


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