4 Ways to Minimize Pain of Braces

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Each person will tend to have an individualized response, so it is critical for the patient to be aware of the options available for minimizing the pain.  One of the most effective means of pain control is taking over the counter pain medication prior to the orthodontic appointment.

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You can contact LE Dental Clinic Imus Cavite anytime. Here the 4 things you can do to minimize pain after bracket placement.

1. Avoid Hot Foods or Drinks to Minimize the Effect of Wire Pressure

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2. Avoid Hard Foods on the 1st Week to Avoid Pressure on Your Teeth

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3. Take Pain Reliever As Needed

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4. Brush and Clean Your Teeth Slowly

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There are numerous studies that show the effectiveness of Ibuprofen and Naproxen Sodium,as    well as Tylenol and Aspirin.

Eating soft foods (i.e. Jell-O, pudding, pasta, cooked vegetables, etc) can help to reduce the amount of pain after an orthodontic appointment.

Topical anesthetics such as Orabase® (Colgate), and Orajel® (Del Pharmaceuticals) can be effective for temporary pain relief.

These gels are placed directly on the tissue and can numb the pain for a few hours.

We, at LE Dental Clinic Imus Cavite, gives instructions on how to minimize the pain associated after orthodontic treatment. LE Dental Clinic Imus also monitors their orthodontic patient a day after the bracket placement. You can text or call LE Dental Clinic Imus Cavite for your dental concern.

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