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Asking question is so natural to us. But when it comes to questions we need to ask our dentist we hesitated and got embarrassed. Dentists are trained professionals. They got many questions with their other patients that yours is just another to answer. So there is no reason to be embarrassed about. In your next visit, Dentist Imus Cavite encourages you to ask your dentist any question you have.


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1. Is my kid’s dental problem expensive?

Teeth’s needed much attention.  If neglected, teeth rot and when you treat them the prices always heavy for your pocket. If you really want healthy teeth for your child and also to yourself prioritize the health of your tooth. Doing this priority you will avoid paying expensive treatments.


 2. Will the dental procedure hurt?

Most of the time patients either kids or adults hesitates to go to dentist.  The reason for this hesitation is that they gone into a traumatic experience. Maybe because as their dentist before informed them of the “drilling procedure” they imagine many things and got scared. Dentist Imus Cavite tells you not to be afraid of the treatment.  Dental clinic serves you with the utmost comfortable experience as possible. Dental treatment for kids are given special medications to make them relaxed as possible and so can we arrange too, for the adults.


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3. My tooth hurts, what shall I do, it’s Sunday!

Pain due to toothache is unbearable.  It felt so bad it’s like the world is collapsing above you.

The following lists down are the first aid treatment:

a. Take paracetamol

The dose must be the usual one you take whenever you have fever. If you have been prescribed before, Ibuprofen will do. Some other brands are: Dolan for kids, and Allaxan or Medical for adults. Dental Imus Cavite reminds you not to take the medicine if you have history of allergies and you must take the medicine with full stomach.

b. Brush your teeth

Make sure there are no food lodges inside the cavity. Brush thoroughly and rinse well.

c. Betadine Oral Rinse

You can buy over the counter. This is for an extra help to really cleanse the area.

          d. Avoid sweets, sticky food, acidic drinks

Example of these are cola and juices.


4. I have a bad breath. What Should I do?

Clorets, bubble gums, mouth rinses, sprays, mint leaves or tea any of these can mask foul-odor gases emanating from your mouth but first things first, have your dentist examine you.

There are times that the real problems were due to your habits and activities. If you have been an enthusiastic person on your teeth as you have been on your vehicle, you’d have a clean and healthy tooth now. Dentist Imus Cavite is encouraging you to create a habit of regular dental visits. Dentists are people who are professionals that will treat you well. There was no need to be embarrassed if your issues are of their concern.


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