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Gingivectomy or known as a gum lift is the procedure of reshaping the gums done by dentist to provide a more pleasing and beautiful smile. Most people reshape their gums for the following reasons. Some people whose even after the permanent tooth erupts, gums haven’t receded. For others they have lips that show a lot of their gum whenever they smile. And in some other cases, the gums have receded for over time and exposed more of the tooth surface than it was desired. Dental Imus Cavite believes everybody deserve a confident smile. Remember that you are amazing just the way you are.


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4 Most Asked Questions About Gum Lift


1. How does gum lift go?

People who have a ‘gummy’ smile sometimes felt self-conscious about the appearance of their smile. Gum lift is like face lift. If a person doesn’t like seeing the wrinkles and the saggy eyelids they ask for face lift. So does for those who wanted to remove their gummy smile, they get gum lift. Gum lift was done to lift the person’s self-confidence.  Gum lift is simply just a cosmetic procedure to improve one’s appearance.


2. What is gum lift history?

Gum lift in the past was a painful dentistry treatment which involves the cutting of the gums, stitches and have weeks of recovery. In the present, gum lift can be done through the use of lasers wherein the recovery is minimal and patients are required usually to take over the counter pain relievers for one to two days and following the procedure then within a day they can eat and drink normally.


3. What is gum lift today’s procedure?

To start the gum lift procedure, the dentists administers local anesthesia wherein they cut and reshape the gum line to show it with more even and visually appealing. With the use of lasers, the cut is automatically sealed off blood vessels so there would be little or no bleeding. The procedure is done quickly and the gums can be lowered or raised up depending on a person’s need. Dentist Imus Cavite recommends you to ask your dentist more about this procedure.


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4. How does gum lift help?

Gum lifts are helpful especially to patients who had done some other cosmetic dentistry before.  Example those people who have gotten veneers. These enhanced the person’s appearance and make it more appealing. The important thing is that the patient must follow the instructions the dentist gives after the procedure had done. Because not taking good care of the area can lead to infections.

Dentist Imus Cavite encourages you to have follow-up visits on your dentist. It’s important to know more things about your teeth’s health. As it was important to keep that beautiful smile, too!


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