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The idea of having dental work performed can provoke anxiety in people of all ages. It can make us nervous to think about someone else putting tools in our mouth. It seems easier to avoid the pain and expenses, doesn’t it?


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Some adults fear having orthodontic work done because of their age. They wonder: will it take longer? Are my teeth beyond correction? Additionally, fear of being unable to finance dental work can put the brakes on progress.



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1.       Fear of the cost of braces

The cost of Braces for your orthodontic treatment will depend upon the complexity of your case. If the problem is growth related,  but the problem isn’t treated until later in life, the treatment can take longer and require the use of several appliances followed by fixed braces.  Costs usually are greater when treatment takes longer and is more complex.

LE Dental Clinic located in Imus Cavite (also accessible to Bacoor  Cavite and Dasmarinas  Cavite) understand your needs.   LE Dental Clinic Imus offers different type of braces according to your case. Flexible and low down payment is no longer a problem, LE Dental Clinic Imus offers as low as 5k for braces downpayment.  LE Dental Clinic Imus also accept credit card and debit cards.

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2.      Fear of experiencing pain after having braces

Pain Associated with Braces: Sore teeth after braces are one thing that people fears about. People also experience d sore to the touch and painful to eat, teeth that hurt more after an adjustment and sometimes, it will be painful for no reason.

Soreness or mild discomfort will take effect after the orthodontic wire is engaged or put into the newly placed brackets/braces.  This soreness may last for a few days or even a week. Some patients may experience some discomfort the first 4 days to a week after their brackets/braces or wires are placed and every after a wire adjustment in every appointment. The pain may also depend on the pain threshold of the patient.


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Some patient experience pain few days after bracket placement and mild discomfort after adjustment, other patient doesn’t experience any pain at all. The cheeks and the lips may need to adjust for a week to get used to the newly placed braces on your teeth. Some appliances and wires that are used exert light, continuous forces and this will decrease any soreness associated with orthodontic treatment overtime but some mild to moderate, discomfort is still to be expected. Each person will gradually adapt to the discomfort associated with the orthodontic tooth movement.

We, at LE Dental Clinic Imus Cavite, give instructions on how to minimize the pain associated after orthodontic treatment. LE Dental Clinic Imus also monitors their orthodontic patient a day after the bracket placement. You can text or call LE Dental Clinic Imus Cavite for your dental concern.

There you go, there is nothing to really worry about. Contact LE Dental Clinic Imus Cavite now and know about your options.

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