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You know you have a healthy dental habit. You are sure of that. You brush your teeth twice a day, floss your teeth, had used mouth rinse and eat healthy food. No teeth issues like toothache. Or any dental and oral problems arising but you experience any of the following. Dentist Imus Cavite recommends you to read the following and know if you have any of the signs of dental problems.


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19 Dental Problems Signs That Actually Exist

  1. You grind your teeth or clinch your teeth either awake or asleep
  2. Sometime you have difficulty opening your mouth wide or limited mouth opening
  3. Feeling some tension or tenderness in your cheek muscles (especially first thing in the morning)
  4. Your gums are bleeding during or after brushing your teeth
  5. Experiencing painful gums
  6. Your teeth are loose or shifting
  7. Even after brushing your mouth still have bad breath (persistent bad breath)
  8. You taste bad in the mouth
  9. Your gums are either turning red, swollen or tender
  10. You occasionally have dry mouth
  11. You feel some burning sensation inside your mouth
  12. You have dry nasal passage
  13. Sometimes you have problems with swallowing
  14. Persistent sore in your throat
  15. You hear some clicking/crocking sound or propping sensation when you open your mouth to yawn or laugh
  16. There are any white, gray, brown, or black spots on your teeth
  17. You felt moderate to severe sensitivity in a tooth when you take in hot or cold foods or beverages
  18. Feeling pain or irritation from a tooth coming in at an awkward angle and rubbing against your cheek, tongue, or top or bottom of the mouth
  19. Spacing of teeth due to movement


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If ever you are experiencing two or more of the above signs and symptoms. Dentist Imus Cavite encourages you to visit a dentist to prevent any major oral or dental problems.


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