11 Ways to Increase Your Self-confidence

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Self-confidence is the difference between feeling unstoppable and feeling scared out of your wit.  It is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives.  Many people struggle to find self-confidence.

Self-confidence is about balance. At one extreme, we have people with low self-confidence. At the other end, we have people who may be over-confident.  Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, and people who lack it can find it difficult to become successful.

Under-confident avoids taking risk or they might not try at all.  Over-confident, may take on too much risk, stretch their self beyond their capabilities, and crash badly.

Getting this right is a matter of having the right amount of confidence, founded in reality and on your true ability. With the right amount of self-confidence, you will take informed risks, stretch yourself (but not beyond your abilities) and try hard.


Did You Know?

  • Slouching for a few minutes can change your self-confidence

In an article in Time.com‘s Health & Family section, “Sit up straight, it can boost your confidence,” Tiffany O’Callaghan reports the results of a recent study by psychologists at Ohio State and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Seventy-one undergrads at Ohio State were told they were participating in two studies at the same time. They were told one study was trying to find out how well people could hold a certain posture while completing other tasks. The second study was helping to analyze how certain traits impact eligibility for success in business. They were then asked to write down their qualifications for a potential job opportunity.

  • To gain more confidence sat up staight 

One group was instructed to sit up straight, the other was asked to slouch while writing. Those who sat up straight were far more likely to believe in their own merits, compared with those who slouched at their desks. In addition, even after they had completed the writing assignment & were no longer slouching, “those students who had been instructed to hunch over while writing about their potential to succeed… were almost universally less confident in their answers when compared with the group that had been sitting upright during the study.”

Source: http://www.soulfriends.com/soulcircle/entry.php?708-Thursday-s-Trivia-Answer-Can-a-Few-Minutes-Impact-on-Self-Confidence.

11 Ways to Increase Your Self-confidence


1.     Recognize your insecurities

What makes you uncomfortable or ashamed of yourself?  This could be the acne on your face, past traumatic or negative experience, flat nose or whatever is it that makes you feel unworthy, ashamed, or inferior.  Identify it, give it a name, and write it down and tear these written pieces to start feeling positive on those points.
2.     Dress nicely

If you dress nicely, you’ll feel good about yourself. You’ll feel successful and presentable and ready to tackle the world. Dressing nicely doesn’t necessarily mean wearing an expensive or branded outfit, a casual clothes that are nice looking and presentable will do.
3.     Sit up straight

Research suggests that people with good posture have more confidence in their thoughts than slouchers.


Photo credit: http://www.cartoonchurch.com/blog/2006/11/10/a-guide-to-ecclesiastical-posture/
4. Take a look of your strengths

Everybody is good at something, and other people are good at quite a few things.  Make a list of a few things you are good at and a few things you are interested in and would like to be better at.   Share this list with your parents or friends that you like and trust. They can probably help you find other things you’re good at, too, and help you come up with a plan for developing other skills and interests.

5. Be friendly

Next time you’re at a social event, don’t just stick with the people you know – go and have a conversation with someone you don’t know and you never know what – or who – you’ll discover.


6. Aim for accomplishments rather than perfection

Some people become paralyzed by perfection.  Think about what you’re good at and what you enjoy, and go for it.

7.  View mistakes as learning opportunities

Accept that you will make mistakes because everyone does. Mistakes are part of learning. Remind yourself that a person’s talents are constantly developing, and everyone excels at different things — it’s what makes people interesting.

8. Take a Risk

Try to do something you’ve never done before, that may even scare you a bit.  When we take risks we overcome obstacles, and we gain confidence that we’ll be able to handle things the next time we face an obstacle.


Photo credit: bobmaconbusiness.com

9. Be Outrageously Positive

Asked yourself, “How are you doing?” Instead of saying negative things like, “I’m so exhausted” or “I’m so stressed,” try responding in a positive way, like “I’m phenomenal!” Or “I feel amazing!”  Launching into all of your complaints just makes you feel worse but if we focus on the positive things in our lives, our mood is more upbeat and optimistic and that can’t help but boost our confidence.”

10.  Avoid negative people

People who have a negative attitude which may rub off on you are not good for you. If you’re timid, loud and aggressive people are probably not good for you, and vice versa. Whatever you do, do not compare yourself to others. Just be the best that you can be.


11.  Have a proper dental hygiene

Also it helps to have a good proper dental hygiene that will give you more confidence in talking and dealing with other people. Knowing that you can show your smile anytime and with fresh breath when you have a conversation, you can certainly give the first impression to others that you are a friendly person.

Practice these 11 ways to build self-confidence now and successful in your goals in life!

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LE Dental Clinic Cavite Accredited is located in Cavite and also accessible to people in Bacoor and Dasmariña.

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